This page contains exceptions raised by binarytree:

exception binarytree.exceptions.BinaryTreeError

Base (catch-all) binarytree exception.

exception binarytree.exceptions.NodeIndexError

Node index was invalid.

exception binarytree.exceptions.NodeModifyError

User tried to overwrite or delete the root node.

exception binarytree.exceptions.NodeNotFoundError

Node was missing from the binary tree.

exception binarytree.exceptions.NodeReferenceError

Node reference was invalid (e.g. cyclic reference).

exception binarytree.exceptions.NodeTypeError

Node was not an instance of binarytree.Node.

exception binarytree.exceptions.NodeValueError

Node value was not a number (e.g. int, float).

exception binarytree.exceptions.TreeHeightError

Tree height was invalid.